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Dying with Dignity Tasmania (DwDTas) is the only community organisation in Tasmania with a focus across end-of-life issues – planning, services and law reform.  You can contact us in a number of ways.  Additional email addresses include and

Our objectives are to support, promote and work for:

  1. the right of everyone to make decisions about their death and dying with the same freedom of choice, personal autonomy and human rights that they have in other aspects of their lives
  2. the right of everyone to die with dignity, as they see it
  3. end-of-life and advance care planning to enable everyone to express their wishes and to have them respected
  4. accessible, quality services, including palliative care, that assist people to have a dying process and death they regard as dignified, and
  5. law reform consistent with the above.


To achieve these objectives, we:

  • promote improvements in end-of-life planning, services and practices, including palliative care
  • advocate and lobby for law reform
  • research and maintain up-to-date information on the legal, ethical, political and practical issues surrounding end-of-life reforms
  • provide information and advice on end-of-life planning and other issues, but we are not able to help people to end their lives,
  • work cooperatively with other organisations with similar aims, including, the national alliance of State and Territory dying with dignity and voluntary euthanasia societies.


One of our major priorities is to improve timely end-of-life and advance care planning across the community.  We have a practical guide to assist people and we run information sessions about this across the State.  This includes promotion of the preparation of Enduring Guardianships and their registration with the Guardianship and Administration Board, and of the new Advance Care Directive. Our core belief is that individuals should be able to undertake their own planning and be able to exercise choice in accordance with their own ethics and beliefs.  More details …

We are strong supporters of palliative care which can provide many people with sufficient comfort and relief from suffering for them to have a dignified death.  We promote and support access to quality palliative care for all Tasmanians in their own homes or in a caring and appropriate facility.  We had a nominee on the Palliative Care Clinical Network Steering Committee before its disbandment.  Members continue to be actively involved in palliative care networking and support.

However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have their suffering adequately relieved by even state-of-the-art palliative care.  We believe that people should not have to suffer through a prolonged dying process against their wishes.  We are therefore working for voluntary assisted dying legislation to provide voluntary choices of doctor-provided assisted dying for those with terminal and advanced incurable conditions and great suffering.  For details and regular updates see the law reform section of this site as they are added.



Dying with Dignity Tasmania

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DwDTas is not able to help you end your life

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