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Andrew Denton – compassionate, humane and well-informed

In the last few days, since 29 October, Andrew Denton has started presenting his compassionate, humane and well-informed support for voluntary assisted dying law reform.  This follows his 8 month extensive review which included speaking to many Australians (including Tasmanians) and people with the greatest experience of assisted dying laws, those in Oregon, the Netherlands and Belgium.

What he is saying is everything that DwDTas members have been saying, what supportive MPs have been saying, what other supporters have  been saying but this is the first time a respected public identity in Australia has articulated so clearly the arguments and high quality information, underpinned by great compassion and humanity.

He presented the Di Gribble Argument in Melbourne on Thursday 29 October.  The text will be available on the Wheeler Centre website soon and from early next year a series of podcasts.  We’ll let you know when they’re available.

Other coverage has included:

The facts are:

  • People are experiencing unbearable suffering and we need to do something about it, not continue with the cruel pretence that it isn’t happening or that palliative care is a magical panacea;
  • The great lie being told is that elderly people and people with disabilities are being coerced or abused when assisted dying legislation is introduced  – they aren’t;
  • There are many problems with the status quo – doctors are providing assistance but with no legal protection or transparency,  people are suiciding by violent and terrible means and there is so much greater fear and anxiety when there’s no legal option, etc
  • There is no other issue where the public support is as high or has followed an unbroken trend over many years.

Well done, Andrew.  We’ve sent our thanks and congratulations and hope this is the final boost needed to get voluntary assisted dying legislation in Australia.


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