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More damage to good people

Yet another example of the terrible damage being done to good people by the absence of a voluntary assisted dying law.  How many more will it take for the hearts and minds of politicians and doctrinaire religious campaigners to be prised open? This article from the ABC […]

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Shame on the SA politicians who refused to explain themselves

Rose’s Story – This is of the most harrowing stories we’ve seen, of so many harrowing stories, of the terrible harm being done to people and their loved ones by the failure of politicians to vote to help people with the most profound suffering, to work for […]

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Damage being done

Opponents of voluntary assisted dying remain silent about the terrible suicides and other harm being caused by the  inhumane legal prohibition.  Doctors are prohibited from legally providing assistance to people at the end of their lives to end their terrible suffering through an assisted death.  We hear about […]

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A fate worse than death

“She asked the facility’s doctors for help. They told her she would have to starve herself. She tried but couldn’t. She has asked us to ease her out of life, but that is beyond us too. So she prays, asking God to take her.” We come across […]

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The UK is also failing to respond with compassion and respect

“Kevin was angry that he could not choose a dignified death once his suffering became too much to bear.”  Read more …

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Ex-nun with MS wants the right to decide – Ireland

The right to choose for herself – an ex-nun in Ireland tells her story.  Read more …

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Real people, real suffering

URGENT Tasmanian MPs need to hear the terrible reality that other Tasmanians face or that has been faced by your loved one/s. Real stories are the best evidence of why we need the legislation.  Please contact your MPs directly – it can be a phone call, an email, […]

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Andrew Denton podcast transcripts now available

For those of you who prefer to read, rather than listen to information, the producer of Andrew Denton’s “Better Off Dead” podcast has now released transcripts for episodes 1 to 5 to DwDNSW. These transcripts are on their website now – click here. This is extremely important […]

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Wonderful video for assisted dying legislation

Grace Pastine TedX This is an excellent video of a talk from Canada promoting the Canadian Supreme Court decision to argue that critically ill individuals who are suffering unbearably from an incurable medical condition should have the right to choose a peaceful and dignified death.  The speaker, Grace […]

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Can you help finish the Peter Short film?

Can you help to finish the film on Peter Short’s end of life and advocacy for voluntary assisted dying? You can contribute to a crowd funding effort to raise the funds for the final editing of the film by going to the Fade to Black site. You’ll […]

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