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Tasmanians – Please sign the e-petition!

It is now possible for Tasmanians to sign the e-petition on “voluntary euthanasia”. It’s a great pity this outdated term was used instead of ‘voluntary assisted dying’ but we urge you to sign it and get as many others as possible to do so. (Sorry – it’s

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Andrew Denton – compassionate, humane and well-informed

In the last few days, since 29 October, Andrew Denton has started presenting his compassionate, humane and well-informed support for voluntary assisted dying law reform.  This follows his 8 month extensive review which included speaking to many Australians (including Tasmanians) and people with the greatest experience of assisted dying laws,

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Talking about death – Paper Garments for the Grave.

If you’re in Hobart, we recommend you visit the very interesting exhibition on now at the Barn at Rosny. The exhibition, Paper Garments for the Grave, approaches death from a unique perspective.  According to the publicity: These artists and this exhibition have sought to lift the veil

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Canadian assisted dying law now more likely!

The election of the Trudeau Liberal Government in Canada means a greatly increased chance of voluntary assisted dying legislation! In Feb 2014, the Canadian Liberal Party voted overwhelmingly for a resolution in favour of  legalisation of assisted dying. Resolutions are not binding on elected members and Trudeau himself 

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California success – Governor signs the Act

Fabulous news – the Californian Governor, Jerry Brown, has signed the End of life Option Act passed by both houses of the Parliament in September. Not only that but according to this article he has also said: “The crux of the matter is whether the state of California

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California success – well, nearly!

The Californian Parliament has passed their End of Life Option Act.  Following the strong vote of 43 to 34 in the Assembly which we reported on on 10 September, the Senate also voted 23 to 14 in favour on 11 September. This is a very major advance for the

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A great speech – Helen Joyce at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Helen Joyce, Editor of the Economist, is in Australia speaking in favour of voluntary assisted dying and promoting a model of legislation which is virtually the same as in the Tasmanian Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2013 and hopefully in the new Bill to be moved soon. She

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California victory – a great step forward

The California Assembly yesterday passed the End of Life Option Act (43 votes for to 34 against).  This will provide the same assisted dying option as in Oregon, Washington, Vermont and a couple of other US States.  This means that doctors will be able to prescribe drugs for terminally ill

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“No other option” – time for acknowledgement, compassion and respect

A very interesting interview this morning on ABC RN Breakfast with John O’Brien, President of Catholics for Choice in Washington DC commenting on Pope Francis giving priests discretion to forgive women and their doctors for abortions – though only for one year from 8 December 2015. He

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Our biggest political hurdle

There is a very good article in today’s “Saturday Paper” which relates to the biggest political hurdle we face in getting voluntary assisted dying law that provides a choice supported by the vast majority of the community – the dominant power group in the Liberal Party represents conservative religious

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