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Opponents of voluntary assisted dying remain silent about the terrible suicides and other harm being caused by the  inhumane legal prohibition.  Doctors are prohibited from legally providing assistance to people at the end of their lives to end their terrible suffering through an assisted death.  We hear about many experiences of people and their loved ones that should not be happening in societies like ours.  This is yet another one of them from the UK.  A legal voluntary assisted dying option would have prevented this.

Every situation like this radiates out to impact on the many people who have to deal with the damaging aftermath.  This heart-wrenching example is similar to those revealed in the evidence to the Victorian inquiry into end of life choices by both the Victorian Coroner and Victoria Police.

What we also find offensive about articles like this is the advice at the end to contact the Samaritans if you’re feeling “suicidal” and the cruel and fallacious claim that “Help is at hand when you need it”. (In Australia, people are urged to contact Lifeline.)

Help isn’t there! And tragedies like this have nothing to do with suicide and everything to do with cruelty, trauma for everyone involved, and MPs kowtowing to those who want to control other peoples’ choices at the end of their lives.

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