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Devastating defeat of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill on 24 May

We’re devastated – and angry – this morning at the defeat of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill, 8 votes to 16 yesterday. Our rally attracted over 400 people – more on that later.

Lara Giddings and Cassy O’Connor did a magnificent job in putting the case for compassion and respect for the people at the end of their lives with intolerable suffering. The MPs who voted with them and with the same commitment to those people – Labor’s Rebecca White, Michelle O’Byrne and Scott Bacon, Greens – Andrea Dawkins and Rosalie Woodruff, and for the first time on a Tasmanian VAD Bill, one Liberal, Nic Street. He spoke with commitment to principles, with great intelligence, and with a carefully thought through position and the courage to stand up for his position.

13 of his Liberal colleagues, including the Premier, voted against it – Will Hodgman, Jeremy Rockliff, Peter Gutwein, Roger Jaensch, Sarah Courtney, Matthew Groom, Mark Shelton, Michael Ferguson, Rene Hidding, Jacquie Petrusma, Joan Rylah, Guy Barnett and Adam Brooks. Three Labor MPs did the same – Madeleine Ogilvie, David Llewellyn and in a very nasty surprise, new MP Shane Broad. When we get Hansard we will publicise exactly what they said.

7 of the Liberals voted for an amendment moved by Roger Jaensch to send the issue to a House of Assembly Committee, despite it being absolutely clear the relevant Committee was unlikely to produce a fair and even handed result.  Those who voted for the Committee included Roger Jaensch and the Premier, Will Hodgman, Peter Gutwein, Adam Brooks, Sarah Courtney, Mark Shelton and Nic Street. Only Nic then voted for the Bill.


  1. I have named the Gutless Wonders who voted against this Bill or wriggled out of it in other ways on Twitter and Facebook….Shame!! Most Australians want to be able to die peacefully with medical help at a time of their own choosing.

  2. SHAME On those who support Euthanasia aka Assisted Dying bill (Legalized Murder) – WELL DONE & CONGRATULATIONS to all the POLITICIANS who stood their ground and opposed the Bill – they are the REAL HEROES

    • The shame is on those who believe it’s acceptable to force people at the end of their lives into protracted, intolerable and unrelievable suffering against their express, voluntary and repeated wishes, to demonise and denigrate doctors who agree that there are no options left to relieve that suffering and then to deny those who are suffering and their doctors their freedom of conscience, belief and religion. Shame on you!

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