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FactCheck – Not true that 550 babies ‘killed’ under Dutch euthanasia law

“The Conversation” has published an important FactCheck refuting the false alarmist claim made by Luke Formosa on the Q&A program last week on voluntary assisted dying that: “Findings from the Netherlands Euthanasia report in 2014 indicate … 550 newborn babies with diseases or disabilities were killed“.   Read more …

Claims like this represent a classic example of what we deal with all the time from opponents of voluntary assisted dying choice – fear-mongering propaganda consisting of inaccuracies, distortions and misrepresentations of the facts, when the people making the claims know, or ought reasonably to know, that what they are claiming is false and/or misleading.

This false claim was not the only one made by Luke Formosa in the Q&A program and in his response to “The Conversation” – just the most outrageously and bizarrely inaccurate one.  Another inaccurate claim was that the 2014 report also indicated that “over 1,000 patients were killed and it was unreported”.  He clearly had not read the Netherlands 2014 report so was he reading his own fabrication or someone else’s fabrication? The moral is clear – don’t believe any claim from opponents without checking!

(The Netherlands 2014 annual report  has recently been published but only in Dutch.  An English version will be released.  A summary of the report is available here.  We will report more about the findings in our November newsletter which will be published in the next week.)


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