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Good article in today’s Mercury

This morning in the Mercury there’s a great article by Cassy O’Connor supporting the new Tasmanian Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill.

We urge you to write letters of support and comment on the page.

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  1. Thank you Cassy for writing article in the Mercury regarding V.Euthanasia. Just wished our politicians would take note of the feelings of the people who may have voted them in to speak on their behalf in the first place. [80%]
    I would not dream of telling anyone else how they should feel or decide when they have had enough pain, or indignities at the end of their life, but do want the law changed so I may have the choice for myself to decide. I do not tell the politician what he has to do, just allow us the choice.
    Just because they dont want this choice [?] they do not have the right to stop the majority of other people doing so.
    I nursed my husband through a decade of misery for both of us; he with a rare brain disease that after a year, did not even know who I was. After 35 happy years of married life together, this alone was heart breaking for me, and that was only the start of this hideous condition, in the end, him in adult nappies, sitting like a vegetable for the last year or so in a nursing home. A bright engineer…. how would the politician who votes for no choice have liked to have put his family through that heart ache, I know I NEVER want my family to spend ten years of misery looking after me in the same circumstances, until a healthy body gives up & die, with a brain that gave up years earlier.

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