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Law reform is one of the major priorities of Dying with Dignity Tasmania.  We are very pleased that the former Premier, Lara Giddings, and the former Leader of the Greens, Nick McKim, have repeatedly made a commitment to jointly introduce into the Tasmanian Parliament a Private Members Bill to provide a legal option of voluntary assisted dying.  This will be done again in 2015.  Read more …

DwDTas supports dying with dignity legislation that:

  • allows assisted dying to be provided by doctors who are willing to provide it
  • for those with terminal or advanced incurable conditions and suffering they find intolerable
  • who are adults making a choice which is voluntary, competent and well informed about the options
  • has strict terms and conditions with at least two doctors involved,  and
  • ensures there is formal supervision and transparent reporting of the entire process, as exists in places like Oregon, the Netherlands and Belgium.


Downloadable resources:


Final – Voluntary_Assisted_Dying_Bill_2013 as tabled

Dying with Dignity Tasmania Research Report – September 2013 – FINAL

Dying with Dignity Bill (2009)

Voluntary Euthanasia Research Report (EMRS Poll 2009)

Dr Rodney Syme’s Glenorchy Library Speech July/2009

Joint House Standing Committee report on the Dying with Dignity Bill 2009
The Oregon Death with Dignity Act



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