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National interest in the debate

There is a huge amount of national interest in the debate on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill tomorrow, as you would expect when this kind of law reform has the support of over 80% of the population nationally.

SBS Insight program and ABC 24 TV have just been in touch this afternoon. President, Margaret Sing, will be interviewed on ABC 24 TV live to air around 3.15 – 3.30 pm tomorrow.  The SBS program will be monitoring the debate hopefully for a future program.

Whatever the outcome of the vote tomorrow, this issue is not going away – here or elsewhere in Australia. Tasmania is by no means the only place where assisted dying legislation is being considered.  In a major break-through in May this year, Vermont in the US became the 4th State there to have legal voluntary assisted dying.  The Bill was passed in a reversal of the defeat of similar legislation in their Parliament in 2007.

The defeated NSW Bill from earlier in the year will be worked on and re-presented to Parliament.  There is a  Bill in progress through the SA Parliament, a Bill in the Quebec Parliament, action occurring in a number of other States in the US, action proposed by the government in France, A Bill in NZ and in the UK.  It’s only a matter of time before the wishes of the vast majority prevail and enough MPs will start representing this majority and not the tiny minority.

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