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Show your support for the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill on 24 May 2017

On 24 May, there is a rally between 1 and 2 pm, Parliament lawns, in support of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2016 which will be debated in the House of Assembly that day.  You may also be able to watch the debate in the Parliament from the public gallery, or listen to it online.

Please come if you can and encourage others to do so. Our politicians will have an individual vote on the Bill.  We want them to vote to show respect for competent adults to make their own decisions on whether they want assisted dying.  The Bill  It gives the chance for their requests to be thoroughly, carefully and compassionately assessed by their doctors.  If the requirements are met, it gives people at the end of their lives with intolerable and unrelievable suffering a last resort option –  they and their doctors can end that suffering through an assisted death that is peaceful, quick and timely.

We have the support of many people who have seen their loved ones go through dreadful suffering at the end of their lives and know the hurt and harm caused by not having an assisted dying option with a doctor’s help.

These are our radio ads, recorded by people who are all passionate about the need for voluntary assisted dying because of their personal experiences of having to watch loved ones in terrible circumstances with great suffering at the end of their lives.  Join these people at the rally on 24 May, Parliament lawns, 1 -2 pm – and more of the 80% of Tasmanians who want this legal option.

Listen to Bill Godfrey

Listen to Nica and Gideon Cordover

Listen to Dr Helen Cutts

Listen to the President of DwDTas, Margaret Sing

Listen to Andrew Denman here:


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