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Special newsletter – please act NOW to help get the legislation passed

Our special October newsletter is now available HERE.  It provides a summary of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2013 and the details of our new opinion poll.  It showed not only that 80% agree with the need to change the law to provide assisted dying, but 62% strongly agreed. Only 9% strongly disagreed.  The full report of the EMRS poll is here – Dying with Dignity Tasmania Research Report – September 2013 – FINAL.

This tiny minority are the ones conducting the fear-mongering campaign against the Bill.

Please do what you can this week to make your support known directly to members of the Tasmanian House of Assembly.  The debate is likely to  be as early as 15 October.

Contact details for MPs are here – HAList.  Call, email or write a letter no matter how brief.

  1. Has someone with a terminal illness, I would like to know what gives someone else the right to determine how I should suffer, so hoping this bill gets through

    • Thank you James. We agree wholeheartedly that you and everyone else should have the right to decide when your suffering is intolerable and you should not be forced to continue to endure it against your wishes. As you know, there are many safeguards in the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill to ensure that any requests are voluntary, informed and well-considered. Best wishes.

  2. I fully support the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill. Our politicians are representatives of the people and should represent their wishes. The majority of Tasmanians believe that people with terminal illnesses should not have to endure intolerable circumstances when there is a clear alternative

  3. The only reason people are forced to remain alive long past the time when nature would have offered them a blessed relief is the ‘advances’ of medical science. Time Science took the back seat to compassion and allowed people the right to choose their own time. I know that if the choice is taken from my hands by illness and frailty I will be thanking the kind person who assists me in a task I am no longer able to fulfil for myself.

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