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Thank you to everyone for your support

Thank you to everyone for your support following the defeat of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill last week.  And for making clear your views about the behaviour of the 16 politicians who turned their backs on compassion and respect for their fellow Tasmanians – who failed to acknowledge with empathy, kindness or respect the people the Bill would have helped, and the many thousands more of us who would have had the comfort of knowing there was an option if we needed it.

And for making clear your views about the seven politicians including the Premier who voted to delay and obstruct a full debate in the Parliament by sending the Bill to another Committee review.  They failed to do the job they’re paid them for by raising their concerns with the proponents in the 6 months they had to examine the Bill since it was tabled in November.

We feel betrayed particularly by the Premier’s behaviour.  When three DwDTas representatives met with him on 20 February, he raised none of the specific concerns about the Bill or the risk to “vulnerable” people that he relied on to justify his vote for the Committee and against the Bill. In over 2 months since that meeting, neither he nor any of his advisers contacted DwDTas or the proponents of the Bill, Lara Giddings and Cassy O’Connor, to raise the concerns, suggest possible amendments to allay them or to discuss a Committee inquiry.

This issue is not going away and, with your support, we will continue our work to achieve fair, compassionate, safe and responsible voluntary assisted dying legislation, consistent with the wishes of the vast majority of the community.

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