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Dying with Dignity Tasmania (DwDTas) is the only Tasmanian group with a focus across all end of life issues - end of life and advance care planning, end of life and palliative care services and voluntary assisted dying law reform.

We support the right of everyone to make decisions about their death and dying with the same freedom of choice, personal autonomy and human rights that they have in other aspects of their lives. In some cases the law supports our choices but it hasn’t kept up with the changes in medicine, changes in society and what the vast majority of the community wants.

People at the end of their lives should not be forced against their wishes to endure prolonged suffering that cannot be relieved adequately. Without the choice of legal, doctor-provided voluntary assisted dying, some take drastic action to relieve that suffering

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Safe, responsible voluntary assisted dying law reform is being proposed in Tasmania, based on important principles and values, supported by extensive evidence and well-reasoned arguments and consistent with the views of nearly 80% of the Tasmanian community.
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Legal voluntary assisted dying, with safeguards and monitoring, has been shown overseas to be compassionate, with no evidence of abuse of the ‘vulnerable’, and implemented carefully and responsibly by doctors. We have every reason to believe that Tasmanian doctors will behave as responsibly.
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Advance care and end-of-life planning brings great benefits when you are no longer able to speak for yourself. Those benefits are not only for you but also for your family and loved ones. It also makes sure that doctors have information so they can respect your wishes.

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